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Children are renowned for their vivid imaginations and varied interests, which can sometimes make the task of choosing presents a challenging one, particularly for those who seem to already own everything. In such circumstances, distinctive and considerate gifts that cater to their hobbies or areas of interest can make a significant impact. Below you will find a list of presents-for-kids-who-seem-to-own-everything that promise to amaze and delight.

Focus on their Pastimes

Children frequently gravitate towards activities that ignite their creativity and curiosity. For those who seem to have everything, consider presents that resonate with their hobbies. For the budding artist, high-quality art supplies or an online art class could be a great choice. If they show an interest in science, a telescope or a chemistry set could fuel their passion. A music enthusiast would undoubtedly treasure a new instrument or a series of music lessons. Such gifts not only offer amusement but also encourage children to delve deeper into their interests and learn more.

An Excursion

Often, the greatest presents are not material objects but experiences. A surprise trip to a destination that they’ve always wanted to visit can be an unforgettable present. This could be a national park, a renowned theme park, a site of historical significance, or even a foreign country. Such a trip can be both educational and thrilling, providing them with memories that will last a lifetime. Remember, experiences can often be more valuable than material possessions and can be a profound way to express your affection.

Show Tickets

For the child who seems to have everything, tickets to a live show or performance can be an exhilarating and unexpected gift. This could be anything from a popular children’s musical, a sports game, a concert, or a ballet performance. This present provides a thrilling experience and allows the child to interact with their favorite entertainment in a completely new way.


While clothes may not initially seem like a thrilling present, they can be a considerate and practical choice for the child who has everything. High-quality, fashionable clothing that matches their style can be an ideal gift. Unique pieces such as a personalized jacket, a fashionable hat, or footwear in their favorite color are also worth considering.

Electronic Devices

Today’s children are reportedly more adept in technology than any preceding generation, thus, a gift from the electronic domain may be a fitting present for a child who seems to have it all. Trendy gadgets and the latest gaming consoles present a variety of options for every tech-savvy child.

For example, if the child in question enjoys gaming, consider giving them the latest game console or a trending game. If they have an artistic side and enjoy capturing photos or videos, a child-friendly camera or drone might be a suitable gift. Devices like Kindles may appeal to young readers, while smartwatches could potentially be a thrilling gift for any child.

However, while electronics can be both fun and educational, it is also crucial to advocate for a balanced approach to technology use. Encourage children to also spend time outdoors, participate in physical activities, and engage in creative play.

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Gift Cards: A Versatile Option for Kids Who Seem to Have Everything

If you’re uncertain about the child’s preferences, a gift card might be a safe and flexible option. This allows the children to select what they want, which can be more satisfying than receiving an unsolicited gift.

Gift cards can be for their preferred online or physical store. For example, a bookstore gift card could be ideal if they enjoy reading. For gaming enthusiasts, gift cards from game or electronics stores could serve well. If the child has a favorite restaurant, a gift voucher for a meal there could be a delightful surprise.

Moreover, gift cards are not just confined to shopping. They can also include memberships or subscriptions, such as a premium account for a learning app or a gaming platform.

Donations in Their Name: A Thoughtful Gift for Kids Who Seem to Have Everything

Rather than a conventional gift, making a donation in their name might be a unique and thoughtful present that also imparts the value of giving back.

You could contribute to a cause that the child is passionate about. For example, a donation to an animal shelter if they love animals, or if they’re environmentally conscious, planting some trees in their name or donating to environmental protection organizations can be considered.

This kind of gift can ignite meaningful discussions about the significance of helping others and demonstrate that generosity can be one of the most valuable gifts of all.

Take Their Age into Account When Selecting Gifts for Kids Who Seem to Have Everything

The child’s age is a vital factor to consider when choosing a gift. What may be appropriate for a 5-year-old may not necessarily be so for a 12-year-old.

For younger children, educational toys or books could be a wise choice. Older children, in contrast, might appreciate more sophisticated gadgets, books, or art supplies. Teenagers might find fashion accessories, sports gear, or skincare products appealing, though this could also vary on an individual basis.

In any case, the objective is to offer something that corresponds with their interests and developmental stage.

Personalized Gifts: A Distinctive Touch for Kids Who Seem to Have Everything

To guarantee your gift is unique, consider personalizing it. Personalized gifts not only show that you put thought and effort into their present, but they may also become keepsakes that children cherish for years to come.

Almost anything can be personalized – from books and puzzles to jewelry and clothing. Think about a monogrammed backpack for school, a custom-made piece of jewelry, or a book where the child is the protagonist. Custom art supplies or personalized sports gear could also be great if they have a specific hobby.

Remember, giving a gift is not about the cost, but the consideration and care you put into selecting the present. So, no matter how much the child seems to have, if you invest time and effort into finding the perfect gift, it will be appreciated and treasured.