Moving with Kids 2023: Tips for a Smooth Family Relocation

Relocating with Children, Family Move, illustration, A happy family in the street is running moving boxes around

Relocating to a new home, whether it’s a different town or an entirely new city, is a significant chapter in anyone’s life, and when you throw kids into the mix, it can be quite an adventure! Whether you’re embarking on a local move or a long-distance relocation, the prospect of a house move can spark both excitement and stress. But fear not, for we’ve got a treasure trove of house move tips that are tailor-made for families. In this guide, we’ll delve into strategies to make your family move smoother than ever before. From prepping the kids for the big change to ensuring everyone settles into the new abode happily, we’ve got you covered.

Preparing the Little Ones for the Big Change

The Talk Before the Walk

Before you even start packing boxes, it’s crucial to sit down with your kids and have an open conversation about the upcoming move. Depending on their age, they might have varying levels of understanding about the concept. Be sure to explain why you’re relocating, what the new town or city will be like, and address any concerns they might have. This sets the stage for a smoother transition later on.

Get Them Involved

Turn packing into a fun family activity! Allow your kids to pack their belongings and let them make choices about what they want to take with them. It’s a great way to keep them engaged, and excited, and lessen any feelings of displacement. Plus, this makes unpacking at the new place a journey of rediscovery.

Navigating Relocation Day

A Day of Adventure

Moving day doesn’t have to be all chaos and confusion. Turn it into a thrilling adventure for your kids. Assign them special tasks, like being the ‘box labeler’ or the ‘welcome mat holder,’ and make them feel like integral members of the moving team. This not only keeps them occupied but also makes the experience memorable.

Kid-Friendly Essentials Box

Pack a special box with all the essentials your kids might need on the first day at the new home. This box can include their favorite toys, blankets, and even a few snacks. Having familiar items around will provide them comfort amidst the newness.

Settling into Your New Abode

Room Exploration Challenge

Once you’ve arrived at your new home, turn the settling-in process into a game. Give each child a ‘room exploration challenge.’ For instance, ask them to find three things they really like about their new room or discover a hidden nook. This turns a potentially overwhelming experience into an exciting adventure.

Local Exploration

Explore the new neighborhood together as a family. Find the nearest park, ice cream parlor, or library. This not only helps your kids become familiar with their surroundings but also helps them see the new place as an exciting new chapter full of adventures waiting to unfold.

Answering the Big Questions

“Will I Make New Friends?”

Kids often worry about making new friends after moving away. Assure them that it’s completely natural to feel this way and that making friends takes time. Encourage them to join local clubs or activities to meet children their age. This can also be a great way for the whole family to get acquainted with the community.

“Is Our Old Home Gone Forever?”

Nostalgia is bound to kick in, especially for younger kids. Reassure them that while the physical house may be left behind, the memories will always stay with them. Share stories about the old home and create a scrapbook together to preserve those cherished moments.

Moving with children, whether you’re moving to a new town or city, involves a unique set of considerations. The adjustments may be significant, but with thoughtful planning and open communication, this adventure can be a transformative and enriching experience for the whole family.